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     WILDWOOD GOLDEN RETRIEVERS has been located in the McKenzie River Valley. near the small town of Walterville, Oregon, since 1974.  We are a small kennel dedicated to producing only the best in Golden Retrievers.  Our first goldens were high scoring and Dog World Award winners in obedience.  Through the years, we have become dedicated to producing goldens that will excel at any endeavor.  We breed only one or two very special litters a year using a careful blend of Top Quality, Top Producing, Versatile bloodlines with the hope of finding that special Golden Retriever to keep and show.  We produce quality Goldens that we feel conform to the Breed Standard.  Our love of the breed ensures that we breed the best that we possibly can.  *All of our puppies come with a written contract and a 2 year warranty for hereditary genetic defects.  Only the best dogs are used in our breeding program, all having excellent temperaments, a high level of trainability, and hip, elbow, eye and heart clearances.  Our goal is to produce healthy Golden Retrievers with sound temperaments, working ability and proper conformation.  Our dogs are our companions first, show dogs second.
 Our dogs are part of our family, and as such, they are in the house with us, help out on the farm with the other animals, and accompany me to work.  All of our puppies are whelped in the house, and loved and handled several times daily from the moment they are born.  This insures that they will be very well socialized, well-adjusted dogs that are a pleasure to train, work and live with.
     The bloodlines we utilize in our breeding program consistently produce extraordinary dogs that excel in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, search and rescue, therapy, hunting, flyball, and most of all, loving companions that are a joy to own.
     When it comes to versatility, there is no breed more adaptable, trainable, intelligent or loving than a Golden Retriever.  Golden Retrievers were originally bred as a companion hunting dog.  Through the decades, the 
golden retriever has excelled in many fields, not just the hunting field.  They can be found working as guide dogs for the blind, search and rescue (there was one at the Twin Towers after 9/11), narcotics and bomb detection, canine companions for independence, tracking, therapy dogs, agility, and flyball, in addition to working in the field.  But, most of all, their high level of intelligence (which makes them almost human at times), their gentle, loving nature, and their great beauty has earned them a permanent place in the heart of anyone fortunate enough to be "owned" by a golden retriever.

We have been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 30 years, and are totally committed to this wonderful breed.  We breed only occasionally, when we are looking for that special golden to keep and show.  Our love for the breed ensures that we breed the best that we possibly can, by doing extensive genetic and performance testing.  This testing helps us evaluate the health, temperament, trainability and attitudes of the dogs we produce.  We socialize our puppies with children and other animals.  Our Golden Retrievers are happy, healthy representatives of the breed.

When we have litters, we are very particular about our puppies' new homes.  We try to evaluate each puppy personality through "temperament testing" and by observing them during their development while at play to help new owners determine which puppy best suits their family and lifestyle.

    If you would like to be "owned" by a WILDWOOD GOLDEN RETRIEVER, contact us today.

GRCA member
since 1986
Written Contract

We, here at Wildwood Golden retrievers, are firmly committed to preserving the ORIGINAL Golden Retriever. This is the dog that made the breed famous to begin with, and is seen throughout other countries in the world as they were intended to be: a versatile, athletic dog built to stand up to a day's rigorous activity, and possessing a calm, loving temperament. A dog just as adept at home, caring for your children, as he is working in the field, or playing frizbee with your family. Here in the United States, they are most certainly still to be found, but due to many years of puppy mill and backyard breeding, they are the exception, not the rule.

This wonderful ORIGINAL Golden Retriever is our love here at Wildwood, not our business. We work hard to preserve it, through a continuing improvement of our knowledge of the correct genetics of the breed, and a constant search throughout the country for individuals who possess them. To that end, we strongly encourage you to take your time in choosing a puppy or adult dog to add to your home. Talk to a variety of breeders. Learn as much as you can about the breed before you make a decision. You are certainly welcome to call us and we will spend as much time as you need helping you learn about the breed, locate other reputable breeders, registries, information sources, and clubs with which to continue your research.

The integrity and correctness of the breed is important to us here at Wildwood. If we can assist you in choosing a well-bred, correct Golden Retriever, from a dedicated and ethical breeder, then there will be one less poorly bred Golden Retriever born, and our time will be well spent!

Breed Traits

There are certain traits that separate one breed from another. Some of these things are esthetic (the outward appearance of the dog), and some are to be found in the temperament of the breed. Bear in mind that when a breed reaches a great degree of popularity, people jump on the band wagon to breed for a profit motive, without any regard to preserving the very traits that brought about that popularity. Just ONE year in that standing is very hard on a breed. The LGolden Retriever has been one of the top breeds in popularity in the United States for a great MANY years! Enormous indiscriminant breeding has altered the outward appearance of the Golden Retriever most certainly.

What you SHOULD see, and not nearly often enough actually DO, is  a substantial medium sized dog with good bone, tons of muscle, a broad back skull and muzzle, wide set eyes (a "kind" expression), a proper "coat," a strong tail, carried straight out from the back, where it can act as a "rudder" in the water. A female at maturity will be about 21 1/2 -22 1/2 inches at the shoulder, and 65 pounds. A male will be about 23 - 24 inches and 75 pounds. The only 
accepted colors are light gold, gold & to dark gold (NOTE:  there is NO "cream" or "red" in the golden standard). Beware the breeder who offers you a "rare" color. 

This is a very athletic, well muscled breed, not light boned or 'weedy'. The body 'type' has most certainly been lost with poor breeding over many years, but that's not the worst of it.


The temperament that made Golden Retrievers famous in the first place is calm, biddable, and easy to live with... a dog that is wonderfully easy to train, NEVER aggressive, and a pleasure to know. Correct Golden Retriever temperament is trustworthy and dependable. That temperament has been all too often lost with poor breeding, and the result can be a hyper, bounce-off-the-walls animal, occasionally even exhibiting aggressive behavior. Absolutely wrong for a Golden Retriever, but woefully common. If you are hoping to add a dog to your home, that individual could be with you for 12 to 14 years. Take the time to make an informed choice now, and those will be years of warmth and friendship, not regret! Correct Golden Retriever temperament is the hallmark of the breed, the major reason for their popularity, and should be the FIRST consideration of any breeder.


A reputable breeder will solidly stand behind a puppy or older dog's health, in that it will be sound to your veterinarian's exam when it arrives, and will not want you to keep a puppy or older dog that you do not like or want, for whatever reason. It is, however, up to you to KEEP that individual healthy! Gentically speaking, you should expect your breeder to have done the best they can in starting with sound parents. That's all anyone CAN do! Beyond that, each breeder will handle guarantees in his or her own way.

An interesting point for your consideration: take a close look at the involvement of the breeders you interview, with their dogs OUTSIDE the whelping box! Because a dog is doing well in the show ring , for instance, does NOT make a "prissy" dog. The things that win in the show ring are exactly the things that will contribute towards giving you a sound companion at home. Good structure, balance, and movement not only look good to a judge, but they produce an individual who's body parts are each doing the job they were intended to do, not having to compensate for a knee, or hock, etc., that isn't shaped well enough to take it's share of stress. If you intend to hunt, then that correct  coat is essential to keeping the dog warn in cold water. You will find a vast number of champions in the show ring also have field titles. The ORIGINAL Golden Retriever can, and does, do it all!

Are You Really Ready?

Be sure that you are realistic about the time that a puppy will take, especially in the beginning. Those early months can be some of your most treasured memories, if you are prepared... or a trial if you are not. Your breeder should be there to help you plan ahead. You will find a list of reading material that we endorse in our "library."

Although the Golden Retriever is universally understood to be wonderfully adaptable, one breed is not suited to everyone... learn enough to be sure that a Golden is the right breed for YOU! A good breeder will ask you enough questions to help you make a decision. For instance, if you live in an apartment, a much smaller breed would be more likely to suit your needs. If you have VERY young children, or a baby on the way, this might not be the right TIME for you to add a dog to the family. If you are looking for an aggressive guard dog type... this DEFINATELY is the wrong breed.

Please feel comfortable in calling or E-mailing us for assistance.