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A typical Wildwood litter at 6 wks.
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Wildwood Golden Retriever puppy!
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   All puppies at Wildwood get the very best start in life, with daily handling and socializing with children and other animals.  Our puppies are very happy and healthy individuals that are loved from the moment they are born.  They are whelped in our home and stay inside until they start climbing out of the box, usually around 3-4 weeks, at which time they start venturing outside during the day.
    Puppies are like wild, untrained children.  They are not trained, well-mannered and well behaved.  Training a puppy to behave is the responsibility of the new owner.  We have tried to start the learning process, but it is up to the new owner to further train the personality, through discipline, training, guidance, and love.
     If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to talk at any time during your Wildwood Golden Retrievers lifetime, or have questions about golden retrievers in general, please feel free to contact us at any time.  We are always happy to help any way we can.
Deposits on puppies are non-refundable, no exceptions.

All Wildwood Golden Retriever puppies will have had their first vaccinations and a full treatment of deworming before going to their new homes.  You will receive a CD full of pictures of your puppy's sire, dam (and their ancestors), the puppy's pedigree, many pictures of ancestors and information on socialization, house, crate and obedience training.  And much, much, more.  

If you are interested in being "owned" by a Wildwood puppy, please complete the questionnaire (the link is below).
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The dam will be "Flier". 
Her dam is the "Hailey".  Here is the link to her web page:
Her sire is "Daly" at   http://www.wildwoodgoldenretrievers.com/dalyspage.html

She will be bred to "Philippe".   Here is the link to his web page: http://www.wildwoodk9.com/philippe.html

There should puppies of a variety of shades of gold.  They will have black noses, eyeliner & foot pads.  We fully expect these puppies to have wonderful sweet, loving temperaments with high intelligence, just like "Flier" & "Philippe".

(photo @ 6 mos, her first show)
We are planning a breeding for late summer.  Puppies will be ready for new homes in Dec/Jan.

We will be breeding "Flier" to "Philippe".

Early reservations are highly recommended.

@ 8 mos. old
"Emma" has been bred to "Philippe".  Puppies will be available to new homes late Dec/early Jan.

For more info & pictures of some of "Emma's" ancestors, see her page at:   
"Emma's Page."
For info & pictures of "Philippe's" ancestors, see his page at:  
"Philippe's Page".
This will be "Emma's" last litter.  She has produced wonderful puppies that possess "true golden temperament", being fantastic family companions, obedience and working partners.  "Emma" represents SIX generations of "Wildwood" puppies.  We fully intend on retain a female from this litter to continue into the next generation.

"Philippe" has produced beautiful puppies that are very sweet and laid-back, making them wonderful family companions with outstanding good looks.

We expect these puppies to continue the "Wildwood" tradition of being outstandingly sweet, intelligent, mild-mannered & absolutely gorgeous puppies/adults that will make their families proud.