Puppy Adoption Questionnaire

      Our goal at Wildwood is to selectively breed for the temperament and character that best suits our lifestyle; friendly, gentle, easy-going and above all -- honest.  From the foundation established in our small, and somewhat selective breeding program, our goal remains constant toward producing a healthy, sound, structurally-correct puppy with exceptionally loving and loyal temperament -- that we feel is above and beyond the Golden Retriever Breed Standard.  We take pride in our continued success of producing champions for the show ring; as well as those shown to be versatile in obedience and agility trials, in the field -- and, most importantly, as loving family companions.  Health clearances through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), as well as eye and heart clearances, are standard.

     Like each of us, puppies are also unique individuals.  Possessing differing attributes and characteristics, they to, have their own unique personalities.  Knowing my clientele's interests, likes, dislikes, and lifestyle -- and learning what preferences they're looking for in a Golden, has proven to be successful in placing "just the right puppy"  in each home.  Additionally, this lends me some assurance that every puppy will be "going home"...only once--and to one that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

     Solely to assist in determining the selection of your puppy, please complete this confidential questionnaire.  Please feel free to be as candid as possible in you responses; elaborating what your lifestyle entails, your family's interests; activities (or lack there of) and what your wishes are for your newest family member!

Thank you for your interest in Wildwood Golden Retrievers.

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What is your reason for purchasing a Golden Retriever?

​Do any family members have allergies to dogs? Yes No  

Why do you want to adopt a Golden Retriever?

Will this be your first dog? Yes No

Other breeds of dogs you have owned:

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​Do you have a swimming pool or spa; is it fenced? Yes No  

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Type and height of fence:

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Are you familiar with the use of a dog crate to train and/or confine the dog in your absence? Yes No

Are you willing to crate train? Yes No  

If not, why?

​Will you take the puppy to socialization/kindergarten classes? Yes No  

  If no, why not?

Do you plan to take an obedience course with your dog? Yes No

What gender do you prefer your puppy?

What are the characteristics of your yard or area where the adult dog will live?

What types of activities do you (or members of your family) most enjoy?

How will the puppy, and eventually the adult dog, be included in these activities?

​Please add any information about you or your family relative to your interest in acquiring a Golden Retriever.

​Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire to help us in finding the right puppy for you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you wish more information or need questions answered. If you would like to come and visit us and our dogs we would be more that happy to set up an appointment for you. Litters are graded at 7 weeks of age to determine pet versus show prospects - no puppy selections will be made prior to this. Application does not guarantee adoption of a dog from Wildwood Golden Retrievers. All deposits are non-refundable. 



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Describe a typical week in your life/ home with a dog.