The Boys
Wildwood's Feel The Impact
"Bruiser" is a sweet, lovable goofball with a wonderful sense of humor.  He is extremely sound in mind, body and soul.   He loves everybody and everything and never has a bad day.  He is a powerful mover with a rock hard topline, great front, large bone and head and incredibly black pigment, which he produces in his puppies.
Wildwood's Straight To The Heart (ptd)
"Lance"  Is extremely sweet and mellow while still being very athletic.  He has points in the show ring and has been started in agility.  He has gorgeous movement and a beautiful side gait.  His topline is hard and level, with wonderful length of neck that flows into his shoulders and topline.  And as a renowned breeder/judge commented, "he has a front that is seldom found in goldens today".
Wildwood's Let It Fly
"Rio" is our up and coming young boy.  He is a moderate sized boy with a great front, great head and incredibly black pigment.  He loves to retrieve, but is also mellow enough that he  loves to lay on the couch and watch TV.  He loves everybody and everything and especially loves to give the barn kitties a bath.
Cheryl Metteer
PO Box 64
Walterville, OR   97489

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"Bruiser" has been retired to "couch potato" statis
"Lance" will sire one more litter with "Jasime" in the spring of 2008.  He will then be retired.  See the "Puppies" page for details.