He's beautiful!  I met Ron around 2:30 AM.  The puppy is already very comfortable          in his crate...not a peep from him during the ride home.  He and our lab are getting         along great.  He doesn't realize he's smaller..a very confident young pup.  Thanks           for making the arrangements, and for the paperwork with tips. - John

Little Lakota is thriving.  He and our black lab are getting along very well, playing             gentle tug of war and chasing each other.  He is very curious, not afraid to                        investigate anything new.  He's meeting lots of new people and dogs.  Thanks                 again! - John & "Lakota"

Here are a couple of pictures of Coda taken yesterday.  He ia almost 6 months old.
He is a wonderful dog and fitting in very well with the other two,  He and my                       standard poodle are great buddies. - Eleen & "Coda"

Kasper is in the process of attending obedience training.  He's such a sweetie.
We love him very much.  He walks 1 mile to school with my daughter.  She was                so proud and excited to have him as her "show & tell" project at school.   Thank
you again for letting us purchase such a wonderful puppy.    Donna & Garry

All is going well with our "canine kids"!  They are so special, and we feel fortunate          to have two of your beautiful goldens.   Glen & Barbara, "Whitney" & "Tyler"

Well, Cayene is definitely part of the family now.  She and Twilight, my other dog,            are real pals.  They play and play and I think Twilight is getting younger because of         it.  Cayene is almost as big as Twilight now and has adult front teeth.  We just love          her.  She still sits in my lap although she sort of hangs over.  I've started her in                Puppy Obedience school with XXX.  She can now sit on command.  We are still            working on staying down and not mouthing people.  She comes well.  Right now              she is laying in front of the woodstove, next to Twilight.  She is growing up to be a          beautiful dog.  She has also learned to fetch.  I have to tell you, when I took her to            our vet, one of the assistants just fell in love with her and I said "you must not get              many golden puppies in here.  she said "oh, we do, but not like Cayene - she is             going to be a beautiful dog."  Well, I could go on and on.   Clair & "Cayene"

"Hank" is doing great.  He starts training Jan 3rd.  We really are enjoying him.                Everyone really thinks he's a neat dog.  Have a great New Year.   Marvin, Molli,               Casey & "Hank"

Hi!  I have been meaning to write you!  The trip home was no problem.  He's doing         fantastic.  I am so in love with him.  I am taking him to the vet today for another                round of shots.  I look forward to being able to take him out to the park.  Puppy                class starts next week.  Everything is going well.  I will keep in touch. 
Stephanie & "Laroo"

Hi!  Casey is a total delight!  He's growing so fast and changing every day.  He's such an inquisitive little guy ...not much gets past that nose.  He has a large ball that                 dispenses treats when he rolls it...so he tears around the patio like a mad man,
smacking that ball around for just a few pieces of food.  Eats like a horse..and no,            he's not a fat boy but he does know the meaning of "dinnerdinner".  Ribs are                    good, per the vet.  Has just a little padding on them.  Crate trained very easily.  At           night we say, "let's go nightynite" and he runs down the hall and into his crate, flops         down and goes to sleep.  Sleeps all night, but is up with the birds.  Wants to be              loved and hugged first, then potty, then chow!  Has too many toys.  Is a tennis ball fanatic.  Discovered that there is a little dog living behind us.  Heard him yipping              so he barked back is his very lowest sounding puppy bark.  Too funny!  Learned
to explore over his head by jumping up on his hind legs.   Never know when that little face will appear...I was being lazy eating dinner in my big chair last night.  He popped up and landed a paw in my cranberry sauce!  Managed to save both the plate and the puppy paw from branding everything in sight.  So now..we eat at the table!   Seems our old guy, Chipper has a paw in raising this little one.  Some of the toys we had given to friends dogs came back as "baby" gifts.  What a hoot to see him having so much fun with them.  He lays down next to Gordie while we're eating, just like Chip did.  Thank you for being such a good "puppy-maker".  He brings so much joy to our lives.  I just hate to go to work  in the mornings.  (Jealous of Gordie in that he gets to be with him all of the time)  I find I'm working less and less...all sorts of excuses so I can come
home to play with him.  Hugs and puppy kisses to you, yours, and the kids at                     Wildwood.   Gordie, Beverly, & "Casey"










Our new pup "Luke" is absolutly adorable.  We have had him for two weeks now and so far he is the joy of our lives.  He is unbelievably smart, he already knows how to sit and he responds to his name Luke.  Also, he is basically potty trained.  He is a lot of work and he keeps up awake at night, but it is definetly worth it, he's beautiful.
He love to sleep with socks, shoes, and any artical
of clothing because of the scent, which makes him
feel close to people.  The cat absolutly hates him
and he swats at him constantly, but that was a given. 
He loves to play fetch, he loves to jump and play
with anything he can get his hands on.  Chelsea and
I gave him his first bath the other day, he was very
cooperative and just adorable.  He is just a little fluff
ball that runs around all day and all night.  He plays
for about 45 minutes and then he takes
about an hour long nap.  Hopefully someday you
will all get to meet him.  ----------
Sincerely, The Cowleys
Just wanted you to know that my friend and I met a pup from your kennels named Chance (Seattle at Lake Union).  He was so so so wonderful and beautiful!  Way to go!  Would love to talk to you some time about a companion dog like Chance for our little boy with Down Syndrome!  Do yo train some of the dogs from your litters to be companions?  --- Kay
Chance met the ducks on the dock today.  I thought he might drag me into the water after them but he used restraint.  He is getting very strong.  ----  the Cowlys

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I was thinking about e-mailing youwith a progress report.  It's hard to believe we've had Mick three and a half weeks...he's blended in so well he seems like he's been here forever. .... he sleeps throughj the night for about 8-9 hours and doesn't run for his breakfast like Piper did.  He's a "ease into the day" kind of guy. ....  In any event, he's made lots of new friends canine and people while out walking in sunriver with his Dad.  I have to admit that i wish we'd done the Golden before we ventured into the Bernese, but we're delight with him nonetheless.  You obviously did a good job breeding...everyone comments on how many feathers he has already.  He's about 35 lbs already...He's great.  --- Vicki
Just wanted to let you know that Mick has attended his third obedience class (of six) with one of the toughest to get into trainers in Bend, XXXXXXXX.   She's  been training dogs for 35 years.  She has German Shepherds and it's really something to watch them with her.  Amazing to see the precision.  We were on a wainting list with Piper to get into one of her classes so it turned out to be the ideal time to take Mick when we finally were able to get in.  He is TEACHER'S PET and she pulls him out every week because he is so attentive and just fun to watch.  Today she asked if we were considering putting him into competition.  Told her we hadn't even thought about it.  Asked if she though he was "worthy" and we got a resounding yes.  So, guess thath's something to think about.  mY guess is she will want him to continue on to agility after this class.  You should be proud of him as a breeder...everyone comments on his stance and wants to know where we got him.  He really is a joy to be around! --- Vicki




Hi Cheryl;  I wanted to send on some pictures of a puppy that has your Lance as the father.  I am quite smitten over her, and tend to brag A LOT!  Thanks so much for having a part in creating such a wonderful golden, temperament and all.  She is a dream!  16 wkd and weighs 40 lbs.  Enjoy! --- Cara        (& Kacie)
Kaio is just the dog we had hoped for.  He is gorgeous, well mannered, funny and good natured.  We love him. --- Stephanie & Ken  (Philipsburg, MT)

I thought I'd give you an update. Spencer is a dynamite dog--so good natured, palyful, affectionate, and as you promised, very aristocratic, whether he is walking by our sides or sleeping in his favorite chair.  He has the most darling freckles (slightly darker pigmentation spots) up the left side of his nose and over his left eye.  As you told us, he has very black pigmentation on his nose, and his eyes look like they were professionally lined with smokey black eyeliner!  When we pet and stroke his face he makes the sweetest nasal groans of delight.  He is well socialized (in my novice opinion) and you'll be happy to know he is not fat--per your admonishment--he's at an ideal weight.  I wish you were closer so you could see him.  We are crazy about him and he certainly filled that void left from the death of our dear Higgins in January, that I was convinced only another golden could fill.  Spencer, we know, will continue to grow, mature, entertain, and delight us and bring us every bit as much joy as his golden predesesor.  We finally came up with his registered name--Widwood's Heart Born to Fly (which combines "heart" and "fly" from his parents' names).

I promise to get some photos off to you so you can see his progress.  We are still remodeling (!) and hope to move in by March.  These dogs will be so thrilled to have the run of the house.  I will always enjoy checking your website to see what--and WHO--is new at Wildwood.  We are very grateful to you for the goodness and greatness you so carefully breed into your dogs.
                                                                   Warmly,   Mary Crane
I just wanted to say that we love her very much and I think she will be very happy.  She has a great personality and is a "little pistol" as you described to Kristi.  I can already see she will be a great field dog for me, as she is learning very quickly to heel correctly and even, already, waits for the retrieve command before going after the dummies.  We are still working on perfecting the crate training but she is adapting to her new home very quickly and has behaved herself very well so far.  She is also very beautiful, and, as you said in one of the books, is the epitome of the breed. -- John & Kristi
(South Carolina)

I wanted to send you pictures of our beautiful boy, Sailor!  He is four months old now, and absolutely gorgeous.  Smart as a whip (and just a little hard headed :).  He finally got to visit Carmel's famous "dog-friendly" beach, and loved it.  Although we are a little prejudiced on his looks, I can tell you that people were literally standing in line to pet him!  He was like a rock star on the beach and in the town of Carmel and he handled it like a champ!  He met another four month old golden puppy and the difference in the breeding between your puppy and this other dog was very evident. Very good with kids and all adults! We thank you for this wonderful addition to our lives and thought you might enjoy the photos!  -- Pam & Gary  (Saratoga, CA)

Our Sailor is nine months old now, and as you can probably tell, we are completely besotted with him!  He has brought such joy to our lives, and everyone he meets wants to know where we got him!  Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog.  We did end up having him neutered, and he did well with the surgery.  One of his very favorite places is Carmel beach, and we take him there often (when he isn't sailing or hiking with us).  He has a pretty full life, especially since we are both retired, and is truly a gentle, loving companion.  So good with other dogs and people, and absolutely stunning to look at.  People always comment on his gorgeous face, with its coal-black "eyeliner" and nose!  He's about 60 pounds now, and not overweight at all.  We wanted to share his latest photos with you at the beach (where he laid in the ocean stream water in his "typical" pose, and passerbys would stop by to get his picture!)  He also loves the boat (as you can see in one of the photos) and is a pretty relaxed "sailor" as you can tell! He is just a truly special dog, and like all golden retriever owners, we can't imagine having any other kind of dog now!  Thank you so much,  ---The Viale's

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I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Sidney is settling in
nicely in her new home.  She has grown an unbelievable amount in just one
week!  She's eating well- she wasn't interested at first, but a tablespoon
or two of cottage cheese did the trick and now she loves meal-time.  She
likes her crate too; I have placed a couple of old throw pillows in there
that she burrows under so she feels like she's in a den.  She has found a
few favorite spots around the house (that I never would have guessed) i.e.
under a rocking chair in the corner or behind the chair next to a plant

She's quite the character as well- she goes into what my boyfriend calls
"tornado-mode".  It's not uncommon that I see my bath towel sailing across
the floor or other random objects within her reach- which keeps changing
because she's getting taller and taller.

My boyfriend has a 6-year-old labrador who is just a goofball and he has
been a great first dog to socialize her with.  She was fascinated with him-
but wasn't too sure how to go about playing with that big dog.  He was a
little jealous at first but he's very gentle and now they play a game where
they sneak toys away from each other.  Well, she sneaks a toy and he walks
over and takes it back from her.  He's warming up and now places a toy at
her feet when he wants to play their game.

All in all everything is going very well and I thank you for giving me such
a wonderful gift.  The week off, while I was a little stir crazy, was well
worth it.  We have our routine down and she is already a wonderful pet.

I've attached some pictures for you to see and I will be sure to send more. 
Thank you again for all the material and such a sweet little companion.



We think we have the most gorgeous dog ever, and people are often stopping us on the street to compliment us on him (and you, on your breeding!).  Sailor is almost 11 months old now, 65 pounds, so good natured and excellent with kids!  His only flaw:  he is a counter-grazer.....and loves food!  Trying to break him of the habit, but I think he can't help it!

Thanks again for such a wonderful companion.  He couldn't be any more loved!

Pam & Gary

I hope all is well at Wildwood.  Walter is doing great.  He is really a great dog with such a fun personality.  Walter and I are attending a Basic Manners class and he is doing very well.  At the end of the class they have a Canine Good Citizen Test and then you can take some of the specialty classes.  I am hoping for the Agility class.  Just for fun, no competition.  What do you think about agility classes?  Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks again for breeding such great dogs!


Hi Cheryl,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Dusty's trip went.  Sitting in Cyndi's lap in the front seat lasted only until Springfield.  The dozen miles of looking out the side window turned him "green" pretty quick, so we moved him to the back.  He slept most of the way from there to Portland.  Upon arrival there and stopping the car, he immediately let Cyndi know how much he disliked the car ride by losing his breakfast (good thing it was a rental - bad thing for the detailers that clean the cars up when you take them back).  Once out of the car he perked right up though.  We visited the Grandma's from both sides of my family one more time before we left and they simply adored him.

We also stopped at a PetSmart and let him pick out a toy and a collar that fits properly.  He went right in and was eager to check out everything and everyone.  While walking him around, we went by a large glass atrium-type enclosure full of colorful birds of some sort and a large yellow one hopped down to ground level as Dusty walked by.  When he saw it, he immediately went on a near-perfect point.  After a short bit, the bird flew back up to a perch and Dusty had his first learning experience with glass walls.  Fortunately he was only a couple inches away when he pounced and didn't do any damage, but he left a nice drool smear on the glass and had quite a confused expression.  After that, he picked out a nice stuffed duck toy and we also got him one of those braided fleece ropes and a puppy kong.

That night at my sister's house he crashed right in the middle of the bed and slept like a log all night.  The next morning, while the girls were visiting the local Beaverton farmer's market, I walked him around the park next to the market.  I think he was petted and praised by no less than 50 people during about an hour at the park.  He seemed to enjoy every minute of it and would just sit down, nice and pretty, and let folks adore him.  After that we finished packing up for our trip home.

He did well in the kennel ride to the airport and fortunately the plane ride was on time and smooth as glass.  Upon arrival in Anchorage he was in good spirits and ready to go check out all the new smells.  As it was early in the morning, he was tired enough that he curled up in the car and slept the whole trip home.  No more signs of motion sickness during this leg of the journey, but he was pretty worn out with all the traveling and new experiences over the last 2 days.

When we finally got to our house, the introductions to the other animals went very smoothly.  The "rat dog" started showing a jealous streak when the new puppy is getting all the attention, but they are playing together well.  The cats have been very curious about this new member of the family and Dusty naturally wants to play with them a little rougher than they are used to, so they are keeping a bit of distance... mostly vertical distance.

After a full day at our house, he really started to settle in and began showing his true playfullness.  Too bad I have had to go back to work for 2 weeks, so my bonding time will be on hold until I get back home.

Thank you for letting us bring this beautiful bundle into our lives.  We'll keep in touch and let you know how he's doing.
Soldotna, AK

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(Hailey/Daly - 2007)
Soldotna, AK
This is one happy dog!  Thought you'd enjoy this photo of him when he appeared on the CBS news......he'd been playing at Chrissy Fields in SF, and the reporter was doing a piece on the oil spill and that people should keep their dogs out of the water and beach area (he had been playing on the grass).  He sat there like a pro! 

We continue to be so happy with him and mention his breeder often to folks that ask (he inspires a lot of comments about how beautiful he is).  Thanks again and hope everything is well at Wildwood! - Pam & Gary (Saragtoga, C
(Callie/Rio - 2006)
Saratoga, CA
Thought you'd like to see Toby once again.  He's getting use to our routines or we're getting use to his routines and he's training us well.  No, really he's responding to commands and goes to the door when he needs to go out--just sometimes we don't see him there so we're working on that.  He adorable and fun!!!.  Have a super holiday--my tree will be up on a table this year--wonder why!!  - Nancy
(Clinton, WA)
Here are a couple of pics of GG and the girls with GG on our Canon Beach trip. She is 7 1/2 months old here. Her plumage is still growing and so is she. Probably an inch or two for her plumage since these pics were taken and another 5-10 pounds. She's a wonderful and beautiful addition to our family. She has very high spirits and is very athletic. I hope you like these, we have a ton of them.
Brad, Becky, Nicki, Nadia
(Callie/Daly - 2007)
Sherwood, OR
I took Daisy duck hunting for the first time today.  She was a natural, sitting very still in the blind (as long as I was petting her and or giving her a treat) and retrieving ducks after almost no training.  I left her at home for most of the year because I didn't want her to get hurt and I was still learning the lay of the land around here myself.  She was a better duck dog on her first day than my Dad's labs after they were sent off to duck hunting school.  I was truly amazed and very proud....   Thought I should share.

(Dupont, WA)
(Hailey/Bruiser - 2006)
Dupont, WA
I’ve been meaning to send you updates on Henry for some time, and I can’t believe he’s been part of our family for nine months already! Henry is a wonderful boy – he is playful, affectionate, obedient and ever the “curious george”! He has bonded very well with our 7-yr old golden, Kona, and watches his every move to figure out how to get along in the world. He makes us laugh every day, from following us into the shower to drink the water, to running laps across the living room with his favorite toy in his mouth, or falling asleep in the funniest places and poses! Henry has been a great addition to our home and we’re enjoying every day with him – thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful and spirited Golden! - Stacy (Surrey, B.C.)
(Hailey/Daly - 2007)
Surrey, B.C.
This is the picture of the year:O) Our dog Gracie (almost 10.5 years old) went to Sisters for the weekend with us. She had fun despite what this picture indicates.

(Jenna/Yeager - 1997)
Eugene, OR