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I’ve been meaning to send you updates on Henry for some time, and I can’t believe he’s been part of our family for nine months already! Henry is a wonderful boy – he is playful, affectionate, obedient and ever the “curious george”! He has bonded very well with our 7-yr old golden, Kona, and watches his every move to figure out how to get along in the world. He makes us laugh every day, from following us into the shower to drink the water, to running laps across the living room with his favorite toy in his mouth, or falling asleep in the funniest places and poses! Henry has been a great addition to our home and we’re enjoying every day with him – thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful and spirited Golden! - Stacy (Surrey, B.C.)

Surrey, B.C.

This is one happy dog!  Thought you'd enjoy this photo of him when he appeared on the CBS news......he'd been playing at Chrissy Fields in SF, and the reporter was doing a piece on the oil spill and that people should keep their dogs out of the water and beach area (he had been playing on the grass).  He sat there like a pro!  
We continue to be so happy with him and mention his breeder often to folks that ask (he inspires a lot of comments about how beautiful he is).  Thanks again and hope everything is well at Wildwood! - Pam & Gary  (Saragtoga, CA)

(Hailey/Daly - 2007)
Soldotna, AK
(Callie/Rio - 2006)
Saratoga, CA

(Lilly/Daly - 2007)
Richland, WA
Thought you'd like to see Toby once again.  He's getting use to our routines or we're getting use to his routines and he's training us well.  No, really he's responding to commands and goes to the door when he needs to go out--just sometimes we don't see him there so we're working on that.  He adorable and fun!!!.  Have a super holiday--my tree will be up on a table this year--wonder why!!  - Nancy
(Clinton, WA)
Here are a couple of pics of GG and the girls with GG on our Canon Beach trip. She is 7 1/2 months old here. Her plumage is still growing and so is she. Probably an inch or two for her plumage since these pics were taken and another 5-10 pounds. She's a wonderful and beautiful addition to our family. She has very high spirits and is very athletic. I hope you like these, we have a ton of them. 
Brad, Becky, Nicki, Nadia
(Callie/Daly - 2007)
Sherwood, OR

I took Daisy duck hunting for the first time today.  She was a natural, sitting very still in the blind (as long as I was petting her and or giving her a treat) and retrieving ducks after almost no training.  I left her at home for most of the year because I didn't want her to get hurt and I was still learning the lay of the land around here myself.  She was a better duck dog on her first day than my Dad's labs after they were sent off to duck hunting school.  I was truly amazed and very proud....   Thought I should share.
(Dupont, WA)

(Hailey/Bruiser - 2006)
Dupont, WA
We're expecting puppies!!!
See the "Puppy Page"
Just wanted to give you an update on Miss Agigail Sweet Corn Till, who we got from you back in December of 2006.  She is a GREAT dog, we could not have asked for any better.  I have been working with her since we received her, trying to get her ready for the field as a bird dog.  She has done very well and I am finding no limit to what she can learn, including hand signals and blind retrieves.  this fall will be her first "true" experience, hopefully, as a certified hunting dog.  She is also the greatest pet anyone could ask for.  she lives the life of luxury, even though it gets hot here in SC, she has thousands of acres to roam on and plenty of ponds to cool down in (she defineitely a swimmer and loves the water). --- John  (Lance/Jasmine-2006)
I am sending you an updated picture of Ringo (Lilly/Cruiser 2006).  Ringo is standing on the right.  He is such a love, we don't know what we would do without him.  He is so cuddly and athletic!  He gets along so well with everyone.  This picture ws taken almost exactly a year from the other picture we last send you.  We have had a lot of snow in Pullman this year and every time Ringo sees it snowing ourside he acts like it is the first time he has ever seen it and the excitement starts all over.  He grabs poor Callie's tail to try to keep her from coming in when she is tired of playing in it.  Thanks so much for Ring! --- diane
& friend Callie
just an update to let you know that Chloe is doing well and growing up very nicely. She seems to be very interested in wildlife, be it birds in the air or ducks in the lake, she wants to take off after them. Even the falling and blowing leaves are of much interest to her. She gets tons of compliments on her beutiful natural eye makeup. She has become quite a traveler going everywhere with us. Thanks again. Will send some photos soon.  Elaine & Richh 
Just a quick update from us.  First, we couldn't be happier with the puppy.  We decided to name her Kona, where we got married two years ago this May.  She is everything we had hoped for and I would say her demeanor definitely speaks to your wonderful breeding and continuity with your dogs (she is so similar to one of your other dogs i met a few years ago, Sailor).  She has already, night four, slept throughout the night 10pm - 5a.m. without crying or peeing her bed, she's truly amazing.  She is eating well and adjusting to the new house, new people, new surrounding and our cat, who is sadly as big as she is! ;) 

Best regards, and please be assured if we can ever send any business your way, we will be one of your biggest advocates!

Samantha and Rob

p.s. She was an angel all the way home, all 10 hours, and is already adjusted to the car.

An update on our girl—whom we named Rigby.

 She’s a little over 12 weeks now, and what a puppy she has turned out to be.  Aside from being perfectly adorable, she’s smart, playful, assertive and affectionate.  Housebreaking came easily—she rings the bells attached to the doorknob when nature calls--and she has also learned the following commands:  sit, down, shake, touch, twirl (in both directions) and come.  She’s excelled in puppy “kindergarten” and will soon move onto the next level of training.  

 Rigby leads a charmed, spoiled life, getting to go pretty much wherever we go, and making lots of friends along the way.  She loves other dogs, but, she especially enjoys people.  All in all, even when she is hanging off my pants leg (we are working on that) she is a delight.  So far, we really could not ask for a better a dog.

 Happy holidays to you and your family.

 Kara & David

(Gilbert/Emma 2008)
Thought you would enjoy this picture.  Goes to show that beauty and temperment can actually be accomplished.  We love our girl and she adores her babies(three year old twins)!

Happy Holidays!

We adopted our dog Dakota a little while ago and I just wanted to send you an updated picture.  He is two years old now and has a TON of energy but is also very sweet.  We just had a lot of snow (a rarity for Seattle) and Dakota had a Hay Day!  The picture is attached.
-The Toomey's
(Bruiser/Hailey - 2006)

Thought I'd drop you a picture of "Dusty" from a couple weeks ago having fun at a nearby lake.  He loves the water, even though he's still a little leary of the deep stuff.  He'll get the hang of it though, he's a pretty smart cookie.  Dusty has been very busy this summer traveling around the Kenai Peninsula with us.  Lots of time enjoying the outdoors from fishing to hiking through wooded trail systems.  He loves it all.  There is so much stuff to "sniff" out there.  And he never fails to get complements out in public.
(hailey/Daly - 2007)
Soldotna, AK

Hi there :)
I just wanted to take a few minutes out to send you a quick thank you. 
I adopted Daisy in the summer of 2005, she was a Lance/Taylor baby. She is the joy of my life. I couldn't ask for a better companion. 
We made a move from Washington to Michigan 2 years ago and she adapted like a champ! She absolutely LOVES playing in the snow, and it's a good thing because we have LOTS of it! On snow days it's very hard to get her to come in the house. She would rather stay outside all day and play. :)
Everyone loves Daisy! She wins over everyone. She is a huge ham, always looking for attention, doing silly things or making silly noises to get people to look. When we go on our walks everyone comments on how beautiful she is. She gets along famously with my 3 cats, they dont really care for her, but she sure tries her best to get them to. :D My nephews can't get enough play time with her. She has always been very gentle and tolerant of ear/tail pulling and shares her toys like a pro. :) She's such a good girl.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the pleasure of owning the best dog in the world. I love her to pieces :)
Thanks again!
Alana & "Daisy" 

(Taylor/Lance - 2005)

We took Fedora to have her pictures taken, and I thought you might like to see them. The photographer just called and asked me if she could display the one of her with the heart wreath in her studio. I knew she was gorgeous, but I didn't think she would be a model. :-) She is really a good girl. She's the youngest in her obedience class, and in my opinion, the best behaved. We are so glad about the way things worked out.


(Hailey/Daly - 2008)
Hillsboro, OR

We have a new member of our family and Daisy loves her as much as we do.  She always checks on her when she is crying and loves to lick her little feet.  She's also got a new favorite spot behind my wife's nursing chair [please don't share that photo! :) ] Thought these pictures might bring a smile during your difficult time.

Dayne, Quinn, Daisy, and Riley

"Daisy" with new best friend, Riley
(Hailey/Bruiser - 2006)
DuPont, WA

Cheryl- Picked her up in Philly on time & safe & sound, but understandably 
timid & shellshocked.(Didn't go, as far as I could tell) Lit up a little on a 
quick walk before I95 etc., back to home. Held up until winding backroads 5 
miles from home to barf (unlike Kaya who barfed as soon as I took a right outta 
your place!) but otherwise timid but sweet & lowkey most of ride. Thought she 
might take a day or two to get out of that mode until we got to our house in 
the woods. As soon as I put her on the ground, she spazzed & ran around in 
happy circles chasing leaves & sticks. (VERY windy day, lotta leaves to chase!) 
She's since paid homage at Kaya's (Maggie/Cutter 1992-2008)(See "Photo Albumgravesite (that's what the pics of...), 
eaten/drank abit, met & sorta already gets along with the cat, barked at a guy 
on TV reading the news, & is now passed out in a ball at my feet. BEAUTIFUL & 
SWEET dog, as you said- so eager to please- damn good fetcher, too. Absolutely 
beautiful coat- never thought I'd like the darker color as much. You breed 
incredibly excellent dogs, Cheryl- thanks so much.
            I'll send some more pics later,

(Hailey/Daly - 2008)
Hedgeville, WV

I can't believe I haven't sent you pictures for over a year, but rest assured that Sailor is the happiest golden retriever and loves his jobs.  He is a fantastic companion, a wonderful sailing dog, a great hiker, and an accomplished traveler.  He hasn't met a bed and breakfast he hasn't loved!  But most of all, his loving heart is what binds him to us.  What a great dog!  Again, we thank you for breeding such a special animal.  The photos are of Sailor relaxing after a hard sail, playing in the pillows at home, and enjoying the dinghy ride around the marina.  Everyone knows him and we are proud to be Sailor's "parents"!  


Pam and Gary 

Cheryl!  We just wanted to let you know what a great little girl we have here.  We just picked her up yesterday and she is already a member of our family. She has eaten her meals and drinks plenty of water.  She slept quietly all night in her crate by our bed with only one potty wake up call.  She LOVES her kitchen crate and stores all her toys in there herself.  With a tiny bit of encouragement she naps in there happily and ignores all the household noise and activity.  She has caught on to 'fetch the tennis ball' (she is a retriever after all i guess) and "jump through the hula hoop".  She knows how to go to the back door and ask to go out to potty.  Best of all she loves being held and petted as well as being rowdy.  We are just in love with her.

We named her Lily but Laura said she should really be named Tigerlily with the emphasis on TIGER.  hahah.

I will send you a photo when I get them uploaded.  Thanks so much for a great little girl.  

Melissa, Jim, Laura and Alec (and Maggie in San Francisco who gets pictures by phone)
Tacoma, WA

Just an quick update on Ruby and to let you know how much we are enjoying her.  She has adjusted well to living in Bend.  She does very well on a leash and loves to go on walks with us.  She has several commands down including COME, STAY, SIT, and KENNEL UP.   She is very food oriented and easy to train with special treats.  Ruby is extremely affectionate, loves to be brushed and petted and praised.  We have a sail boat on one of the lakes nearby and she loves to go sailing.  Our only challenge has been car sickness, but we spoke to our vet about this and now have some medication that helps.

 Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs!  One of our son’s friends fell in love with Ruby and will be contacting you soon to reserve a puppy in an upcoming litter.

 Terri and Tom 

Dear Cheryl,
Here are photos of Amber and Millie. Amber has adjusted. It took her a  
couple days to get used to the puppy, now they are pretty playful  
together although they are never left unattended together.
Millie has settled down so well. Sleeps in her crate downstairs after  
spending the first few nights in our room. She is well loved and  
cuddled and has impressed us with her ball retrieval skills! She  
actually will play back and forth with the ball!
She has made a place in our home and our hearts.
Thank you for these wonderful dogs.
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
Anne Jonas
Scout is so sweet and well-behaved, not to mention absolutely beautiful, that we feel truly blessed to have her with us.  Of course, she does have the typical puppy behavior, but she quickly stops what she is doing if we say "no" and she really tries to please (which she does).  She seldom barks which really surprises me, so when she does bark, I always take a look to see what got her attention.  Sometimes it is something really funny like a brick in the yard with white paint on it that she apparently hasn't noticed before.  She made getting through my surgery recuperation and my chemo so much easier--just having such a joyful being around to play with and hug was really comforting.  
When we take Scout anywhere, almost everyone who sees her stops to tell us what a beautiful dog she is.  And, of course, they are right.  I think she has her Dad's facial expression--at least in the picture of Bruiser on your website.  She seems to have her Mom's coloring.

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you again for bringing Bella to Corvallis last night – it was great meeting and talking with you.  

 All we can say is WOW!  What a beautiful, well-behaved, calm and loving puppy she is!  She slept in her crate next to our son’s bed, through the night (10pm-5:30am) without a sound until morning.  Since she did not want to pee last night (we took her out once an hour until bedtime), she did have a small accident on her puppy pad inside her crate – no biggy.  From 5:30am we’ve been taking her outside once an hour (she now has an official drying towel), but I didn’t notice that she did anything. Around 6:15am she had a great breakfast with ½ a measuring cup of warm, moist kibble (that you provided). She finished it within about 7 min and off course had plenty of fresh water.  At 6:30am we took her outside for 15 min, but she didn’t do anything.  Anyway, we will keep this up until we figure out her potty routine.  Please feel free to point us in the right direction if we are not doing this right.

 Bella is very happy and the cats are not fazed at all.  I think it is because Bella is so calm.  Last night we played with her with that soft ball I had last night and she and our son had so much fun!  He can’t wait to get back from school to play with her again.  My husband will be with Bella all day and will keep up the potty routine and feed her at lunch time.  Bella just LOVES to cuddle with her Golden Retriever soft toy when she’s in her crate - and doesn’t chew on it (yetJ).

 I will send you pictures soon – just want to get her settled before exposing her to a flashing camera.

 Much thanks,

Maryna Serdani and family


Hi Cheryl,
Here's a picture of Bella and Sarah that was taken the first night we brought her home.  She is perfect and we LOVE her!!
The Becks

The first night with Bella. She's a beautiful, gentle, loving girl.
Bella & buddy Sarah
Cheryl – Here are few pics of Gracie that I wanted to share.  She is so much fun and she is very playful.  We love her to death.  

The Wilsons
Just want to let you know that the dogs are doing so well! Millie seeks Amber out all the time to cuddle or play. Millie is quite an athlete, loves jumping for the water from the garden hose and is really "dainty" too!
She loves to sleep up against Amber, loves the tennis ball (as you can see) and is such an adorable "puppy". She is pretty small and I think will always be the puppy! The two of them are always admired when we take them out. They are the BEST Goldens.
Hope all is well with you,
Anne                              11-3-2010

Hi,                                           11-18-2010

 Just to remind you, I took Sydney home the beginning of June this past summer. A product of Rio and Callie if I'm not mistaken. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how everything is going. 

 Sydney has got to be one of the best mannered puppies ever! She is extremely smart and gets along with all people and other dogs. She loves to retrieve and continues to get better at it, using her nose more and more and showing off her determination and intellect. She loves the water also, almost too much, even when I don't want her to get wet she seems to find a way. My other dog, Justice (5-year-old brittany spaniel) always has to let her know who's boss, but she never seems to understand, always going back for more. They get along great and make it easy and enjoyable to be their care givers. Sydney grew like a weed for the first several months, and now seems to have slowed quite a bit. She now weighs only 40 lbs. which is somewhat small, but doesn't bother me any. Only being almost 8 months, she still has some time to grow. She is in great physical condition and except for the common battle with fleas, her health has been flawless. She is so beautiful, I can't go anywhere without multiple people telling me how pretty she is. 

 Anyways, I have pictures, and I will try to remember to email again and attach some. I just wanted to give you an update and let you know how much I appreciate the companion you entrusted to me. I love her so much. Thank you again. 


CCheryl,                                                6-5-2011
I'm so sorry I didn't e-mailed you sooner, I drove down from tacoma washington 4 hours one way, to buy a male puppy from you for my husbands 25th anniversary on may 27th 2007. I got the last puppy out of the sire- wildwood"s grip it n rip it & the dam- wildwood"s here for the party. We lost our other retriever of 11 years to bone cancer which was also a male, which was my husband's son.  We named this one Rudy, he has been the best dog we have ever had, he is so gentle , loving & kind and I can't tell you how spoiled he is, he sleeps with us in our queen size bed every nite.    Whenever we go to cannon beach he is always there with us.  I will e-mail you some pictures , I can't thank you enough for your breeding  because your dogs are truely outstanding!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                             thank you again- Teresa add text.
Hi Cheryl!                     11-82011

We are still so in love with our dog!  Moved him to Santa Barbara where he has the best time on the beach most every day.  New address is *********  Thank you for such a wonderful dog!

(updat3e on Sailor)
.Hi Cheryl,                                          11-19-2011

I hope all is going well for you and your family.  Hudson is doing great.  Exceptionally smart, a bit rambunctious and loads of fun.  Not to mention devastatingly handsome.  I've attached a photo I snapped of him the other day for our Christmas Card.  You are welcome to use it for your web page or whatever other need you might have should you want to.

All the best,

Mat Hayward

Cleo/Daly 2011
Hi Cheryl ~ Thought I would send some pictures of our little “Azora”.   I don’t think I have ever seen our girls so excited Christmas morning as when they woke up to find her.  She is doing wonderful and the cats are even thinking that maybe she will be ok.    Hope you enjoy the pictures J.  Have a great New Year.  Lesa  12-28-2011

CliHey Cheryl, 
Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays from up north here in Alaska. I had purchased a female puppy from you last March. She is on the right and my male is on the left. They are great buddies and do everything together. She is the most sweet loving dog I have ever seen. Thanks for such a wonderful gift, hope you have a great New Years!!! 

Michal                  1-1-2012
It has been a while since I have contacted you but I wanted to send this picture of Ringo (Lilly/Cruiser 2006) to you...  He is so sweet!  Thank you for letting us have such a "one in a million" boy!  Pictures taken this morning.

Hi                         4-25-2012

Can't believe Tucker is one already. We are really enjoying him so nice to have a Golden back in the house. He has a year full of camping, hiking, swimming and ball throwing. The 20 something's crowd also take him on their adventures on Christmas Day they all decided to go on a hike up Seymour Mountain with four friends dogs plus our two so six dogs squished in a station wagon. As they left I thought well Tucker that's a lesson on getting along with a crowd. We might go camping your way in the summer if so I'll drop by with him.

Cheryl,                               3-4-2012

I have been meaning to e-mail you and tell you how much we love Gracie!!!  She was actually Lexie for about a day and Piper for about two days, but once we settled on Gracie we realize it totally fits her personality.  You described Gracie in an e-mail as "gorgeous and sweet," and that is a perfect description!  She walks up to strangers at the park and at the beach, puts her nose in the air, her chin on their knee, and won't leave them alone until she gets pets.

The housebreaking was a little rocky due to the hurricane-force winds that hit Coos Bay the week after Gracie came to live with us.  As soon as the weather let up she did great!  She loved her crate right from the start and in fact the first afternoon she moved her new toys into the crate, and it make us thing of a college kid setting up her dorm room.

Our friends can't believe how beautiful and how calm Gracie is.  Much calmer than most puppies but perfect for this "middle-age-empty-nest" couple!  I think you told me she had never really been on a leash? - but she has walked almost perfectly on a leash after only a couple days of practice.  I'm careful to not go too far yet, but Gracie is already a wonderful walking partner.  She is funny about new surfaces (the grating on the docks by the bay, the sandpaper finish on the bridge at the park), but she seems to have a great memory and the second time round she doesn't hesitate.

Thank you for another great Wildwood puppy!  My brother, Scott *********, will visit from New York in July and may bring their Sammie with them.  We are looking forward to the reunion of 3  Wildwood puppies.

.Thanks again!
Cathy      (Gracie's mom)